We put as much effort as we could into making sure SwotaSavvy works smoothly and never has a glitch. And as much as we love iOS and the iPhone, we understand that sometimes the hatch just blows for no good reason.

Here are some of the most common “What’s New” and FAQs

Q: What is “Easy Login” and why do I have to set a 6-character code on my iPhone?

A: When you first login to CWA to see a trip, you will be asked if you want to store your user ID and password. If don’t want to, no problem! You won’t be asked again and you will need to type your password every time.

However, if you want to store your user id and password so you do not have to type them every time, then you have to jump thru a few hoops. One of those hoops is setting a 6-character passcode. This keeps your entire phone encrypted and secure and is a good thing to have in case you should ever lose your phone. This is exactly what the company requires if you want to have company email on your phone. Could you imagine typing your password every time you check email? The “side-effect” of this is that you will need to occasionally type your 6-character passcode to unlock your phone for everything you do. You will quickly get used to it and it is really like learning to lock the front door of your house. You can change how “quickly” it locks by tapping SETTINGS then GENERAL then PASSCODE LOCK. “Immediately” will drive you nuts because you have to type your code every time you pick up your phone. I suggest 15 minutes as a good trade. It will wait 15 minutes before locking. That way if you are actively using your phone then no problem, but if you lose it in the airport then you are covered.

Q: I want to remove the passcode from my phone!! My phone locks too quickly and it is driving me nuts!

Before you remove the passcode completely, try changing one thing and see how you like it.  On your iPhone, tap SETTINGS then GENERAL then PASSCODE LOCK. It probably right now says “immediately” and that drives ME crazy so I am betting it drives YOU crazy!  Tap that and change it to something like 15 minutes and try that for a while.

If you have an iPhone 5s, the ONLY option is “immediately”.  They expect you will always use your fingerprint to unlock quickly and easily.  A six-character code doesn’t change the fingerprint- essentially your fingerprint takes the place of a code, or enters it for you, whichever way makes sense in your head.  I have gotten very good feedback from users that they love being able to unlock the phone with a fingerprint, decode a trip and log straight onto CWA to see the trip.      

If you remove the passcode, SwotaSavvy will save your employee number BUT you will have to type your CWA password to login.  You will have to make a personal decision on what is worth the trade.  So bottom line, experiment and see what you like the best.

To remove the passcode, do this: tap SETTINGS then GENERAL then PROFILES.  Tap the “SwotaSavvy Passcode” and tap REMOVE.  Once it is gone, you can go back to PASSCODE LOCK and turn off the passcode for the phone.

Q: Why do I have to select the phone number when I decode a text?

A: The SWA OTA system requires that your bid be submitted to the SAME number that the text CAME FROM. That is why it is critical that you make a mental note when you select a text and then choose that number when SwotaSavvy asks you what number it came from. That way when you bid on the trip, SwotaSavvy will send it back to the correct number. When you submit a bid, you are actually using the iPhone Messages app. You can verify your bid was submitted correctly by looking in the Messages app where you see the original text- you should also see the reply just below it just as if you had typed it by hand.

This is my image

Q: I have all the SMS phone numbers in one contact. That way I can have a custom ring-tone but neither can I tell what number a text came from. What can I do about that?

A: Create four contacts instead and assign the same custom ringtone each of them. Name each one the same as the number like “645-53” and that way you will know the number it came from. If you don’t care about a custom ringtone, then we suggest to NOT have ANY contacts with the numbers in them. That way you will see the “real” number at the top of the screen like in the screenshot above.

If you can’t figure out how to fix your problem after reading all this stuff or watching the really cool video, then please feel free to contact us via email. If we can’t get your problem solved that way, then a real-live person will call to see what the deal is.

Please understand that we are pilots just like you and therefore may be doing a CatIII approach into SMF the very moment you hit “send”. So, if you don’t get a response immediately, please give us a few minutes to taxi to the gate. Thanks!